Prestige hotels Marriott accepting Apple Pay this summer

With Apple’s keynote taking place earlier on this week, Marriott International, Inc. announced on March 9th that eleven of its hotels will be accepting Apple Pay starting this summer.

Marriott is already a highly digitized company. Indeed, the business intelligence agency L2 Inc. released a Prestige Hotels ranking after assessing companies’ digital efforts, and Marriott ranked 6th in 2014, making it a “gifted” company (which is the 2nd ranking after “genius”).


The hotel company owns prestige hotels, including the Ritz-Carlton hotels that will be among the first hotels to use Apple Pay. Marriott International has already launched an entire campaign aiming at getting customers engaged with the improvement of Marriott’s service. This “Travel brilliantly” campaign is showcased in a beautiful and user-friendly website that is easy to navigate, and lists Marriott’s innovations to make visitors’ stay even better. For example, the company launched several apps, allowing travelers to program their visit (check-in or check-out, room booking) or to use guest services (digital key to the room, guest requests).

Using Apple Pay in Marriott hotels will take these convenient digital services one take further to transform travelers’ stay into an even smoother, practical and enjoyable experience. It will be available on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, as well as on the Apple Watch once the company will have developed the adequate app.