Why Hermès is mastering the 3.0 consumer experience

Have you ever wondered how Hermès manages to remain the most traditional French luxury brand while standing out as a modern and connected one? I, for one, have. And I believe it is thanks to the Maison’s efforts to deliver a customer experience that is as enjoyable online as it is offline.

Hermès was one of the first luxury brands to launch its e-commerce website, in 2001. It’s no surprise, then, that digital is key to Hermès’ growth strategy. The Maison has a strong presence on social media, with well-chosen channels (including Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram).

Hermès succeeded in extending consumer experience beyond physical stores thanks to a coherent message about the brand’s tradition of craftsmanship. The brand often pushes content to customers on various channels: the men’s winter 2015 fashion show was viewable online (and is now on YouTube), apps were created to increase the level of engagement with the brand (Silk Knot was launched in 2013 to share knots for scarves, followed by Tie Break for men’s ties in 2014). It’s actually on the brand’s own channels (apps, company websites) that the customer experience becomes the most interesting.

A few months ago, Hermès launched a new e-commerce platform for its famous carrés. La Maison des Carrés was designed with user experience in mind, and I believe Hermès did a brilliant job. This website is both attractive and practical, allowing visitors to filter on several criteria. Welcome to the Hermès house, where you’re able to peek at every room, get a closer look at scarves, ties, or scarf rings while learning about the designer and its design… With more styles available than in any store (there can be up to three collections at the time), you have more choice than if you visited one. You also get useful tips as if you were in a store: there are videos showing different knots. Finally, as on an e-store, you see which colors are available, at what price, and you can purchase the items directly on the platform. All of this with at the end of you fingertips, whether you’re on a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.

Therefore, Hermès tries (and succeeds in) making its customer experience as enchanting online as it is offline thanks to a coherent brand image and efforts to provide the best user experience possible.


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