Chanel Coco quiz: find your lipstick shade with a click

Coco Quiz on Chanel's website

Coco quiz on Chanel’s website

Quizzes are great to get consumers engaged. Buzzfeed attracts thousands of visitors with numerous quizz articles, but also lists and catchy posts. These tools can also do wonders in luxury.

It can be hard to make luxury and digital meet without denying some of their respective principles. Yet, brands leverage social media for CRM, and their website for e-commerce. From time to time, they launch a new feature on their website, or a digital campaign to spice things up.

With the launch of Chanel’s Spring make-up collection, Chanel plays the personalization card: last week, the brand set an online quizz to find the right shade of the Rouge Coco for each consumer. After answering 6 questions, visitors are shown a shade, accompanied by a short description explaining the inspiration for the shade. The inspiration is actually linked to a character from Gabrielle Chanel’s life, thereby reinforcing the storytelling around the brand. Each name of lipstick shade is the name or nickname of someone who mattered in the brand Chanel’s development, because they mattered to Gabrielle.

As usual, the brand shared the quiz on its social media accounts to ensure traffic to the e-commerce platform where the quiz is hosted.

So borrowing codes from women’s magazines and popular websites can guarantee success with digital consumers looking for entertainment, added value and storytelling combined. I know I enjoyed taking the quizz. And taking it again. And again!