Dior’s new #itsmissactually campaign

As you are most certainly aware of, Dior is a leading actor in luxury brands’ digital strategies. With fragrance campaigns being renewed almost every year and frequent posts on social media, the Maison has established itself as an up-to-date brand online. Miss Dior is no exception to the brand’s efforts.

Natalie Portman in the new Miss Dior campaign (source: Dior Tumblr)

Natalie Portman in the new Miss Dior campaign (source: Dior Tumblr)

After a few teasers, Dior released its latest Miss Dior integrated digital campaign. With a variety of digital contents (videos, pictures, gifs) displayed on multiple platforms linking one to another, it is designed to generate maximum traffic. The campaign is shared on all of Dior’s social media accounts, including YouTubeFacebook, TwitterInstagram and Tumblr.

The Miss Dior mini-website on Dior’s site is adapted to the new campaign and has the advantage of having a built-in purchase option. While the mini-site used to show a playful, free, romantic Natalie Portman with a partner, it now showcases a later part of Miss Dior’s life: her wedding day, from which she escapes to regain her freedom.

Within 36 hours, over 88k fans liked the video posted on Facebook, and 9,000 people shared it. This makes it the most effective channel for Dior to reach a wide audience (with 14.9 million fans). Within two days, 945,000 visitors watched the YouTube video (while the brand only has 176.2k followers on YouTube). On Instagram, an average of 54.3k people (out of 2.9 million followers) liked each of the posts from the campaign.

Dior thereby has a strong fan-base on social networks, especially on Facebook. Still, Instagram offers a higher level of engagement (an average of 1,87% of Dior’s followers liked a post of the new Miss Dior campaign within two days, versus 0,5% of Dior’s Facebook fans). This means Dior should keep using this media to push new campaigns, and maybe add a link to the e-commerce page.

Natalie Portman in the new Miss Dior campaign (source: Dior Tumblr)

Natalie Portman in the new Miss Dior campaign (source: Dior Tumblr)

Dior saw things big, working with movie director Anton Corbijn to shoot a movie-like advertisement, and creating the hashtag #itsmissactually. Nothing game-changing here, but Dior leveraged its strength on social media to reach consumers all over the world.

In my opinion, Dior spread its campaign on too many channels and should have focused on the most relevant ones: those gathering the most followers and creating the highest level of engagement. This means I would use Facebook for the large community, Instagram for the engagement rate, Twitter as well. Still, I believe the brand is missing out a big opportunity for storytelling on Pinterest, where its 52.8k followers might enjoy learning more about Miss Dior.


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