De-dramatizing trends: Fendi’s example

Miniature bags are in, ladies and gentlemen! If you’re as puzzled as I am by those (I love the look but am always carrying out tons of things), you should take a look at Fendi‘s latest digital campaign:

The brand staged its Peekaboo and Baguette lines in a 1:19 minute video, available on their website as well as on social media. What is surprising coming from a luxury brand is that the video gives 7 absurd theories on the origins of micro bags. This stance shows a great sense of humour and self-mockery from a label that is usually associated with a premium brand image and a mature customer base, as well as a very Italian view of glamour and elegance.

Still, Fendi did things right and managed to make the video enjoyable, and quite entertaining, without getting viewers confused. What I mean is that the campaign integrates perfectly with the designs – some bag models are inspired by fiction as they seem to have eyes, which places the design on a humorous level. The video leverages this feature of the bags to make them look like monsters in the 4th theory (the scary theory). The entire video actually makes great use of the different models featured, whether it’s about their size (watch the 6th theory – the matryoshka theory), color (the 2nd theory – the magic theory – replaces the usual black hat with a black purse), shape (micro bags pop out of a largely open purse in the 5th theory – the pop corn theory)…

Launching a fun campaign showing the brand doesn’t take itself too seriously, and doing so on digital supports, enables the brand to reach a younger customer base on their favorite channels. In the meantime, it also generates more traffic to the brand’s new e-commerce site, which is designed with customer experience in mind and that I recommend you check out (it looks beautiful and it’s super easy to navigate, without looking all black and white like a lot of luxury e-shops)!

What was your favorite theory? Mine was probably the pop corn one, as I wouldn’t have associated micro luxury bags with the a snack that symbolizes a trip to the movies.