Back on track

Last post: April 2015. Well, so much for weekly posts! Anyway, here I am, almost a year later, with plenty of things to talk about and many campaigns to comment on.

So what happened in the last 12 months? A lot. I worked for 6 months in native advertising for a media company in Paris where I had a lot of fun imagining fun, engaging and innovative campaigns for mostly beauty and travel brands. Then I moved to Seoul, South Korea, to do marketing in a digital agency offering a complete range of marketing services to international brands willing to reach Asian consumers. I am two months into this job and I am already discovering a lot of usages that are not so common for both users and brands in France, or in Western countries if I dare say so. I will share some of them later, so stay tuned!

These jobs have kept me busy, but I have missed my weekly rendez-vous on this blog and I want to make time to think about all those campaigns I see everyday, whether in Korea or elsewhere. Ready for some weekly thoughts on digital marketing in the luxury sector?

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