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Constance behind the keyboard. I’m a French digital project manager who is really enthusiast about digital innovation and customer experience. I created this blog as a space to reflect on what luxury brands do or can do to appeal to digital users and customers, and how they can leverage digital innovation to offer engaging experiences for customers, whether online or offline.

A little more about myself: I’m a city-lover, traveler, Pinterest-addict and Netflix enthusiast. Well, I’m a millenial, so this should not come as a surprise. I’m also passionate about perfumes, which you’ll probably notice through my posts though I try to reduce my bias for beauty marketing. I enjoy browsing online to discover new brands, campaigns and cool facts to share around me. You got it, I’m curious and constantly on the look-out for more.

Ok now, back to this Digitizing luxury project.

I wanted to learn more, and especially think more, about what digital technologies can offer to luxury brands. Whether it enables them to create a groundbreaking customer experience, or helps them maintain an image of exclusiveness, sophistication and uniqueness, digital is taking over luxury marketing. Yet, digital holds such diverse meanings, diverse forms of expressions. This is what I intend to illustrate throughout this blog. I’ll be writing about various brands, ranging from premium to high-luxury ones, and coming from different industries: cosmetics, fashion, but also cars, hotels… I’ll also be writing about various topics, following my latest interests and ranging from digital marketing to retail experience. The possibilities are endless and I hope to share my enthusiasm for digital innovation in luxury with you.

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On that note, enjoy your visit and cheers to the digital future of luxury!


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