How series are impacting luxury ads

Some say brand content is doomed to disappear, others say it just needs to be reinvented. I think it is still very alive and adopting the codes of popular contents among millenials. The latest example that caught my attention is Kate Spade New York’s latest campaign called #Missadventure season 2, which was launched on March 28th.

The East Coast preppy fashion brand is making a statement with a series of videos targeted to young women, featuring millenials’ insights (relying on apps for everything, anyone?), social media codes, and a focus on TV-like entertainment – notably with the participation TV shows actresses (Girl‘s Zosia Mamet and 2 Broke Girls‘s Kat Dennings).

As a series enthusiast, I can only appreciate the initiative from the brand. While the first season of the #Missadventure campaign, staring actress Anna Kendrick, was clearly a way to showcase Kate Spade products in funny and relatable situations for young women (with the possibility to click on items during the video and see all related information after the video credentials), this second season is starting off with a more constructed scenario, if I dare say so. The first episode is slightly longer than in the previous season (4 minutes for this one, compared to 2:30 to 3:45 minutes for the previous ones), and the brand copied some codes from TV shows with a teaser and videos focusing on each of the main characters. Contents were shared on the brand’s social media channels with catchy posts inspired by TV shows teasing campaigns (see example below).

Not only are the videos and teasing campaign greatly executed, they also leverage relatable insights for millenial women while sharing the luxurious, preppy and feminine identity of the Kate Spade brand. I definitely will watch the next videos, not only to satisfy my marketer’s curiosity, but also to find out the rest of the characters’ adventures. I guess Kate Spade’s campaign worked on me!

Back on track

Last post: April 2015. Well, so much for weekly posts! Anyway, here I am, almost a year later, with plenty of things to talk about and many campaigns to comment on.

So what happened in the last 12 months? A lot. I worked for 6 months in native advertising for a media company in Paris where I had a lot of fun imagining fun, engaging and innovative campaigns for mostly beauty and travel brands. Then I moved to Seoul, South Korea, to do marketing in a digital agency offering a complete range of marketing services to international brands willing to reach Asian consumers. I am two months into this job and I am already discovering a lot of usages that are not so common for both users and brands in France, or in Western countries if I dare say so. I will share some of them later, so stay tuned!

These jobs have kept me busy, but I have missed my weekly rendez-vous on this blog and I want to make time to think about all those campaigns I see everyday, whether in Korea or elsewhere. Ready for some weekly thoughts on digital marketing in the luxury sector?